capstone project: multi-use space

This 10,000 square foot space is located in the Calgary Board of Education. The intention of this project is to build a creative art hub where clients can feel comfortable bringing any level of skill to the table. The primary use of this area is a scrapbooking and mixed media retail store which is supported by a restaurant and bar, and two flexible classrooms used for teaching creative classes.
The concept embraces the ideas of home, community, warmth, and the secret domain. It is a sanctuary for crafters and artists that incorporates Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas about the home. It will have an inward focus that creates closeness in the community. Smaller, more intimate retail spaces within the larger space mimic the use of the Arts and Crafts inglenook that Wright loved, creating a boutique feel. Each individual will experience a different journey as they move through each space at their own pace. Warm lighting extends into all areas of the space, making clients feel right at home. The design is intended to be responsive to its users and will develop a soft patina over time as each user leaves their mark. The colour palate was inspired by the classic red barn that contrasts against a brown fall prairie. For me, this barn embodies the ideas of teamwork, community, and pride.
In North America 85% of scrapbookers are female and are typically between the ages of 30 - 50. Because women are creating scrapbook albums in their home, I believe that it is seen as a domestic craft and therefore not valued as a true form of art. I have never seen a scrapbooking layout in an established art gallery, yet Marcel Duchamp’s “readymades” received huge publicity, along with countless other artists who used unusual or cheap materials in their art. I believe that this has been, and will continue to be, an issue of equality. The community of Running with Scissors is intended to be very sensitive to this topic and will continually fight for the recognition of its artists, as scrapbooking should be considered more than a craft.